There’s nothing better than a few kind words from my clients. Here are what some of my clients have said about me!

After being laid up after surgery, I came to the realization that 1) I don’t like cleaning and 2) I’m not any good at it. Enter Heather of Down 2 Earth Cleaning. She quickly responded to my inquiry and after a conversation about services, pricing and expectations a date for a deep clean was set for the same week. Heather arrived on time with her own cleaning supplies (including mop and vacuum!) and set to work. (And it was ALOT of work – reminder I’m not good at cleaning) She definitely has a process! She is meticulous, thorough and pays attention to detail (ie folding the to into triangles, cleaning the dishes in the sink, baseboards, ceiling fans etc etc etc!) My home had never looked so clean – and she has continued to come every 2-3 weeks to keep it that way! Heather has an amazing work ethic; she is conscientious, energetic and so very punctual! She is a kind, warm individual that I am so very happy to have found. Five stars!

Stephanie from Bradenton

Thank you Stephanie! Its’ been a pleasure working with you over these past few years. To many more!

Heather is not only a wonderful person, but she is also a wonderful worker, she comes and does her job and exceeds expectations. On top of that she has exceptional character and is great at conversation, she’s also very adaptable and completely fine with being left alone if that happens to be the case as well. Heather is very good at being schedule flexible and has made accommodations on a number of occasions for me, I would absolutely recommend her to friends and family.

Cam from Bradenton

Too kind! I look forward to helping you for months and years to come! Thank you!!!!